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Application types of LED displays

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We can already see a variety of LED video displays used for different applications in the world today. The different types of LED display screen and their applications vary greatly, from advertising LED wall to sport and events display element.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at them as well as other common types of LED display in use today.

Advertising LED Wall

Rooftop display which makes your building outstanding from the skyscrapers and reaches out to a large crowd audience from the opposite side of the Harbor.

Instore/ storefront video wall grab shoppers’ eyeball with impactful imagery and lead them to get into your space from anywhere–from your backyard to halfway across the world.

Landmark display could transform a premises into a studding, cutting-edge media wall with a creative LED freeform product, to unleash the potential to become a landmark for any location.

Digital Signage

LED Displays and Kiosk are used in shopping malls and theme parks to show visitors message, promotions and direction.

Airports and stations could upgrade their signage at boarding areas to provide travel information and promote the shops around at the same time.

Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) sometimes installs at highway or entrance of the tunnel to maximize the advertising return and provide real-time traffic information to drivers.

Sports Video Display

Center-hung video display is common for sports arenas, especially for basketball and Ice Hockey. It delivers every exciting moment for all sports fans in the venue at the same time.

The scoreboard is another essential display element for a stadium. The scoreboard at two ends of the venue could show game scores to fans easily visible.

Events and exhibitions Visual Elements

Concerts and performance stages always use multiple backstages led walls to create wow effect. LED screens not only for image magnification in the concert and festival staging but also astound audiences to create unforgettable memories at the moment.

LED video screen is also used in World-class brands events and exhibitions for product launch, promotions, as well as press conference.

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octopusled screens
octopusled screens
Dec 29, 2021

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