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LED Display Solutions

Dynamax’s LED screens, which are designed for permanent installations, can be installed in an almost infinite variety of locations, indoor or outdoor, flat or curved.  LED displays are widely used in many scenarios including shopping malls, offices, schools, churches, hotels and airport, etc.


With stunning image quality, high brightness, superb color correction, impeccable panel alignment and advanced image processing technology, Dynamax LED walls are the ultimate solution for ensuring that your message - news, advertising, televised coverage or many other applications is broadcast flawlessly.


Dynamax’s LED screens can be installed in most locations, no matter how inaccessible or awkward they may seem. The outdoor series has the advantage of both front and rear access for places that have tight access or for screens that are wall-mounted. The transparent screen series which is versatile, highly transparent is an ideal product for retail stores. The indoor series with ultra-slim casing can be installed when the minimum thickness is required, such as on the side of a vehicle.

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Shopping mall


Transport Hub

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Hotel & Resort


Office Buidling

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Exhibition Centre

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Shopping Mall

Shopping malls could attract visitors with LED display screens, turning the mall into a landmark in the city and increasing rental value. Install indoor or outdoor LED display screens at the entrance to welcome customers, give visitors a cordial feeling, and at the same time lead customers to designated stores. The LED display at the atrium can also be used in promotional activities to enhance the style of the mall and drive traffic. 


In addition, LED display screens can be installed along the corridors leading to public transportation to send passers-by to the mall's promotional activities and information, attracting them to visit the mall for consumption and shopping.


Entertainment facilities in shopping malls, such as skating rinks, can also use LED displays to boost the atmosphere and increase advertising revenue.

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Shopping Mall

Retail Shop

Retail stores equipped with LED displays can use fascinating content to promote promotional products and high-profit products to promote purchase behavior, and quickly and easily change your promotional information on a computer or mobile phone through a simple and direct interface.

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Retail Shop

Transportation Facilities

Various large-scale public transportation facilities, such as airports, high-speed rail stations and bus terminals, can make good use of LED displays to provide passengers with uninterrupted important information, from the comprehensive list of flights in the baggage claim area to flight information, boarding time and gate information, Destination weather forecasts, advertisements, etc. The one-stop LED display system provided by Dynamax Technologies, combined with the content control management system, can centrally manage all displayed content.

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Transportation Facilities

Commercial Building & Office

Rooftop LED displays and wall-mounted building spectacular displays not only generate advertising revenue, but also enhance the image of the building and increase the rental value.


Installing indoor LED displays in the reception area of ​​a large office can enhance the brand image, and provide important information to visitors. The LED display can also be installed in the conference room and product display room to play products and conference materials.

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Commercial Building & Office

Hotel, Resorts & Casino

Hotels and resorts are also great places to install LED screens. Install giant LED screens in the hotel lobby to make the lobby magnificent. Whether it is a business banquet or a private banquet, you can use the LED display as a backdrop. You can change the background by just pressing the button, avoiding complicated procedures and reducing production costs.


LED screens are also suitable for casinos and other entertainment facilities. The giant LED screen with colourful videos can bring entertainment and visual excitement to customers.

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Hotel , Resorts & Casino

More Premises  that need LED Wall

Facilities with halls and auditoriums, such as churches, exhibition centers, schools, etc., are also suitable for setting up LED displays.

In addition to the auditorium, the gymnasium, swimming pool and library can also use LED screens to broadcast important messages. You can also see events or activities in the gymnasium in other places on the campus, so that all teachers and students can share the lively atmosphere of the activities.

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