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Education has entered the "digital age”? The application of LED displays in schools

In recent years, the number of enrollment has declined, and schools need to provide more innovative and innovative education programs to stand out among many schools. Compared with the traditional teaching model, parents tend to choose schools that provide activity teaching, hoping to allow their children to provide different learning experiences.

Entering the digital age in the 21st century, all areas of life are inseparable from digitalization. The education sector also needs to keep pace with the times, try different education methods, and use technology to create a better teaching model.

LED screens are versatile and can promote high-quality digital teaching

In recent years, many schools have added drama and multimedia education to cultivate students' creativity and communication skills. Teachers will use LED screens to play videos and share classic works with students to learn to appreciate art and drama.

LED Wall can also be used for various types of drama sets, providing rich and changeable stage scene effects. Set films or images can be designed and produced by students personally, giving students a professional and comprehensive drama and TV program production experience. The student audience in the audience can also cultivate interest in drama, art or multimedia production.

LED screens are versatile and can be used in many school activities, such as Chinese Days, English Days, weekly meetings, prayer meetings, singing and drama competitions, and moral education promotion. LED screens (LED Wall) have been widely used in many scenes in schools, including school entrances and exits, auditoriums, sports fields and libraries, etc.

School hall / auditorium

Installing an LED Wall in the auditorium not only provide professional and changeable stage scene effects, but can also play related materials and images, video streaming and online conferences during lectures or talks.

School main entrance /entry location

It can release important information for teachers, students, parents and passers-by, such as public examination results, promotion results or emergency announcements. Schools can also use LED displays to promote upcoming special events, such as fundraising days or open days. In addition, you can share golden sentences and information that encourage the community.

Sports grounds and gymnasiums

The installation of LED display screens can ensure that every spectator, teacher, student, and parent has the best position in the stadium and will not miss every wonderful moment in the stadium. At the same time, a dynamic visual experience can be added to the messages in the event.

School library

The library can install LED display screens to introduce famous and excellent works to students, and to release relevant school news at the same time.

Make good use of quality education funds to improve the quality of education

The Quality Education Fund is launching the "Special Funding Scheme for Publicly Funded Schools" to subsidize schools to improve the quality of education and promote quality education in an all-round way. Publicly funded schools include government schools, aided schools (including special schools), caput schools, and direct subsidy scheme schools. Eligible schools can receive relevant funding.

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