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Dynamax -  The promise of something better


Dynamax strives for excellence to maximize clients’ outreach and potential with innovative technology and bespoken support-solutions of AV systems and LED video wall to meet evolving market needs.


Why Dynamax?


One stop solution provider

We dedicated to the projects from preliminary design, procurement, system programming, installation , user training and maintenance upon system completion , offer a peace of mind to clients.


Reliable and professional project team

Our professional savvy team equipped with 20-year expertise and in-depth market knowledge in AV system industry. The team have involved in the supply and installation of prime projects in Hong Kong and Macau, such as Grand Lisboa , Wynn Casino, Times Square, apm,  MOKO, World Wide House and K11, etc.


Fast, Flexible and responsive service

Dedicated project manager would be assigned to follow the projects, it could avoid misunderstanding, to enable quick and flexible response.


We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and services from Dynamax. Get in touch today to learn more about what we could offer.

LED Display

Supply & Installation

Design & Consultation

E&M projects

Maintenance & Training

Our Service

As a proficient audio visual system integrator, we provide comprehensive, flexible and affordable technical support to clients in various industries, helping them to stay competitive in the evolving market.


We provide supply and Installation, design & consultation, E&M project, as well as the training & maintenance service for :


  • Audio Visual Systems

  • LED Display

  • Digital Signage

  • Central Control Systems

  • Scoring System

  • Networking Systems

  • Smart Office Systems

  • Web-Conference System

  • Webinar System

  • And more…

About Dynamax

Dynamax' Services
  • How to choose an LED video solution?
    First of all, the LED solution will be selected according to the installation location of the LED video display, which mainly has indoor and outdoor. Secondly, it depends on the viewing distance. In addition, it is necessary to make corresponding plans based on whether there are installation restrictions, regulations, or special requirements on the site. For more information, please read our earlier blog - How to purchase a good quality LED screen?
  • What premises are suitable for installing LED displays?
    LED displays are suitable for a variety of places, including sports facilities, shopping malls, retail stores, stations, airports, commercial building lobbies, school auditoriums, and religious venues, helping to enhance user experience, attract people, and strengthen brand image. Welcome to our blog - Application types of LED displays , to learn more.
  • What procedures are generally required to install an LED screen?
    Before installation, a professional project team will visit the site to make an on-site inspection, formulate an installation plan and select the most appropriate LED display. During the installation, an experienced project manager will plan and supervise the entire installation process, from legal documents, follow-up installation, and even acceptance. After installation, maintenance and maintenance are also very important. Regular inspection and maintenance are required to update the software to ensure the normal operation of the LED screen. For more information, please read our earlier blog - How to find a reliable maintenance service provider?
  • What are the typical items covered by consultancy services?
    Consulting services generally cover providing professional advice related to LED screens, providing LED wall solutions, participating in design and project meetings, risk assessment, preparing tender documents for LED walls, evaluating tender documents, monitoring contractor performance, factory signing-off, testing and commissioning.
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