Horticultural LED Lighting

Comprehensive solutions for all types of farms


Hi-Power 1200W Grow Light Fixture

Full-spectrum lighting solution for greenhouse

  • Compact design fits straight into HPS layouts making converting to LED easier than ever before

  • Full IP 66 ingress protection

  • Impressive 3600 µmol/s output gives light while using less energy than a HPS fixture

  • Input voltage: 277V

  • Operating temperature: 25℃ (-30℃/+45℃)

  • Beam angle: 120 degree

  • Dimension: L1000 x W240 x H100 (mm)

  • Weight: 15 kgs


Hi-Power 1000W Grow Light Fixture

Lighting recipe favorable for Cannabis

  • Compact design fits straight into HPS layouts making converting to LED easier than ever before

  • Full IP 66 rating with industry- standard Wieland three- pin power connector

  • Impressive 2000 µmol/s output gives more light while using up to a quarter less energy than a 1000W DE HPS fixture

  • Increase yields, enhance quality and save up to 25% in energy use by replacing a 1000W DE HPS installation with the CT 2000e

  • It increases secondary metabolites and the wide light spectrum promotes vigorous growth with the blue and red wavelengths, while balancing with mid-range beneficial green


Hi-Power Grow Light Fixture

Lighting recipe favorable for flowers

  • LED output: 2130μmol/s / efficiency of 3.2μmol/J

  • 1:1 Replacement from HPS with existing electrical cables

  • A patented design

  • Optimal cooling through a unique heat sink design

  • Long-lasting reliability, durability and performance have been proven by the extreme climate environmental test


Vine Crops Grow Light (VCGL) Solution

Lighting solution for greenhouse

  • Vine Crops Grow Light (VCGL) series provides supplemental lighting within the  high-wire vine crop canopy (intercanopy lighting)

  • Featuring, multiple spectra, it provides growers the choice of spectrum to balance between lighting efficacy with PhysioSpec™ 

  • Dual R9 and crop quality & yield with Broad R6

  • Vine Crops Grow Light (VCGL) includes an integrated driver and daisy-chain connection of light fixtures for easy installation

  • Two size options – 2 meters (6.5 feet) and 2.5 meters (8 feet)


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