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Dynamax Technologies offers comprehensive AV system and LED display solutions, including indoor LED walls, outdoor LED screens, transparent LED displays and more. 


With more than 20+years experience in the LED industry, we know that each project is unique, that's why we would provide customized and the most suitable LED display solution to our clients.

We have below LED Display Series:


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Indoor LED Display


product features icon-02.png

Wide Range of Pixel Pitch as fine as 0.9mm 

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Lightweight & Slim

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Seamless Aligment

product features icon-05.png

Immersive Image Quality

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Advance Processing Power

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High Contrast

Dynamax’ s indoor series carry a wide range of pixel pitch as fine as 0.9mm to 6mm.


The series is an ultra high definition LED display solution allowing unlimited possibility to create an impactful visual experience. The latest LED technology delivers immersive video quality with true color that allows you to define your premises.


It’s slim and lightweight casing offering flexible mounting options from wall mount to hanging. Customer-oriented mechanical design panels ensure the video walls to be seamless for installation precision, ease-of-servicing and reliability. Front serviceable modules are available to make it easy to maintain.

Customizable modules enable creative options to be accomplished.


It is an ideal video display solution for shopping malls, retail shops, hotels, churches, commercial complex and corporate facilities.

Outdoor LED Display


product features icon-02.png

Wide Range of Pixel Pitch as fine as 2.5mm 

product features icon-04.png


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High Brightness

product features icon-09.png

Excellent Image Quality

product features icon-11.png

Ease of servicing

Dynamax’s outdoor LED display series  provides diverse pixel options, from 2.5mm to 20mm.


The waterproofed LED panels, rated IP66 for the ingress protection standard, which is the perfect to be the outdoor spectacular display or rooftop display. The outdoor LED screen offers brightness levels of 6500 cd/m², which is designed for use in environments with ambient lighting conditions.

Be-spoken louver design options provide customized viewing angles to fit the application.

It is an ideal video solution for shopping malls, rooftop displays, theme parks, billboards and spectacular displays, etc.

Transparent LED Display


product features icon-02.png

Wide Range of Pixel Pitch 

product features icon-20.png

High Transparency

product features icon-03.png

High Brightness

product features icon-14.png

Lightweight & Slim

product features icon-11.png

Easy to Maintain

Dynamax’s  transparent LED display that can be placed at shop windows without blocking the back or  sacrificing the natural light. The transparency rate could reach 60-70%, to enable various creative and artistic applications, while meeting security regulations. 


Its high brightness can compete with direct sunlight allowing you to create a wowing visual effect to your customers before they enter your permiese.


Dynamax’s Transparent LED video solution is perfect for any retail, hotel, shopping mall, or commercial application.

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