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How retailers can stand out from the crowd in today’s market? - 4 latest LED video screens format

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The retail market is extremely competitive and making sure your store or shopping mall staying ahead of the competition is a continual challenge. LED video walls are an extremely versatile medium that will allow you to visually enhance your premises or brand, as well as driving traffic to your premises.

The Intel Corporation’s study has shown that an LED video screen, particularly one which displays moving images, will capture over four times as many views as a static display. And, because the content can be changed quickly and easily, LED screens provide endless creative possibilities. So even though the initial financial outlay may seem significant, their high view rates can ensure a resourceful solution that delivers a quick return on investment.

LED displays can be used to display various images and messages. They can inform your customers about special promotions or holiday offers, they can direct them to high-profit margin items within the store, or display highly targeted advertising at specific times of the day.

Merger transparent display into your interior design to wow your customers

Brand managers and retail shop owners are focusing on store design to enhance the shopping experience and improve customer engagement. Store designers often turn to creative LED video screen formats and shapes to envelop shoppers in an extraordinary visual experience. Dynamax's transparent screen could provide high transparency up to 65 -75%. That's why the transparent screen could be installed everywhere in the store, without blocking the products. It could also help to create a compelling atmosphere for brands and promotional themes.

Fine Pitch LED display delivers immersive image quality

Audiences today demand higher image quality. More and smaller pixels deliver an immersive and seamless image, even when standing close to the screen. Dynamax could offer the finest pixel pitch LED display up to 0.9mm which consists of 1,234,567 pixels for each square meter, whereas a 6mm screen has only 27,889 pixels per square meter. The micro-LED video screen delivers unparalleled image quality at minimum viewing distances.

Column LED screen turn image into a 3D visual experience

Use the column LED display screen to transform the 2D image into three-dimensional, giving customers a brand-new visual experience and realizing more creative media designs. Graphic designers can also use the cylindrical led display to design 360-degree interesting and refreshing paranormal videos that attract the attention of passers-by.

Catch your customers’ eyeball at the centre of your mall with the hanging LED screen

The hanging LED video screen can be a single-sided LED screen, or double-sided, maximizing the audience reach. The hanging LED display can attract the eyes of the surrounding customers to the centre of the venue so that the customers passing by in a hurry can't help but stop and watch. Moreover, the suspended led screen can break the installation limitations of the site, and is suitable for being located in the atrium of a shopping mall without blocking any shops.

Chat with Dynamax’s professional team to see how to realize your amazing idea and grab your customer’s attention today!

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