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Why more and more LED displays are installed in Hong Kong?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

LED Display becomes an essential element for interior design and architecture design in Hong Kong, since it helps to stands out from the crowd to build the sense of place, and even offer a great return on investment (ROI).

Retail and Shopping Malls

With the keen competition among hong kong retailers and shopping malls, managers need to impose all the way to captivate the attention from the consumers and stay ahead among the market. LED screen provides a visual enhancement to your premises, as well as the brand.

Shopping malls usually use the LED screen during the promotion events to drive more traffic. Beautiful and dynamic content encourages people to stay longer at the premises and imprints remarkable shopping experience in their memory.It is also a good channel to distribute various information to the shoppers in real time , such as promotion offer, shop information, and mall activities,etc. which help to induce impulsive purchase and engage customer to increase the brand stickiness.

Retailer always install the LED video wall at their flagship store to build unique brand image. LED display sometimes would be used as the backdrop at the window to create the mood or deliver the promotion or brand message.

Hospitality Facilities

LED video screen could share restaurant information and encourage use of meeting rooms at the hotels in the format of rotating, wrapped around walls, along storefronts, at center courts or up elevator shafts. LED display could showcase multimedia presentations during conventions and wedding banquet, helping to Improve guests’ satisfaction.

LED video elements at hospitality facilities could also be found outdoors as LED billboards, marquees and digital wayfinding signage being used in architecturally creative ways. A eye-catching LED display at hotel could communicate with the visitors and elevate the facilities’ image at the same time.

Transportation Facilities and Commercial Building

Airport and transportation facilities are the first touch point to the visitors to a destination and inspire the unforgettable feeling at destinations around the world. Moreover, instant updates mean peace of mind for travelers and commuters. Digital signages show critical wayfinding information for people on the go to stay updated in real-time. It could also maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport.

Architects could integrate LED display elements in architectural and interior design of commercial buildings, to create a sense of place, making the place to be the landmark of the community. Top-notched LED technology creates centerpieces to energize any commercial facilities and provide them a unique and unforgettable experiences.

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