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How to purchase a good quality LED screen?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

The benefits of using LED video displays at a wide range of events and installations are well documented; they bring audiences closer to the action, heighten brand awareness, and

broadcast information to a bigger audience than is possible by any other visual means.

Over hundreds of LED display providers are present in Hong Kong but as each of them fights for business by cutting prices, how do you ensure you are choosing a quality product and service? If you are looking for a LED Display in Hong Kong and Macau, below is the 6 tips to ensure you are buying a good quality LED display for your premises.

Make sure you get a right pixel pitch for your required viewing distance

Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of an LED (pixel) to the center of the next LED (pixel) measured in millimeters. The smaller the number of the pixel pitch means more pixels are used to form the image in a particular size of display, thus improving the resolution and shorten the optimal viewing distance. Below is a table to show the optimal viewing distance for the particular pixel pitch.

Pixel Pitch Optimal Viewing Distance

1.5 mm 1.5 m

4 mm 4 m

10 mm 10 m

Determine the brightness base on your application

Brightness of LED screen is measured by nits or candelas per m2. The higher the luminosity level means the higher level of brightness.

Sufficient brightness ensures audience could read the content of the LED screen clearly even under the strong sunlight. Basically we select the high brightness LED for the outdoor application, while low brightness could be used indoor.

Get a wide viewing angle LED screen to maximize viewing crowd

Viewing angle is the angle at which a LED screen can be viewed with acceptable visual performance horizontally and vertically. The LED screen with wide viewing angle could reach maximum number of audience at the same time.

Front access or rear access design is critical for maintenance

Generally, there is front access and rear access design for maintenance in the market. You would need to decide using which design, base on the onsite landscape.

You have to make sure the mechanism of installing and dismantling the LED module is easy and convenient. For rear access you may remember to leave enough space at the back of the screen for worker to perform maintenance tasks.

Certifications helps to ensure a zero-risk LED screen

Uncertified LED screens can bring many potential problems, from the potentially life-threatening - including fire, electrocution and physical screen collapse - to erratic or unstable operation, failure of the display, electrical damage to linked equipment, and failure to comply with local ordinances dictating safe use.

Certification for LED screen basically covers functionality and safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental standards.

Certification not only satisfy usage regulations , but also provides proof of the product’s quality. Certification also helps create customer confidence that the product is from a reliable

supplier, will operate reliably, and is guaranteed for safety.

Find a trusted consultant and supplier to have a peace of mind

You may need to consider thousands of issue before you select a right screen, since each project varies based on the situation and on-site landscape limition. With a expert guiding you in the entire procurement process from design to installation, you could eliminate the potential problem to choose a LED screen.

Dynamax project team with 20-year expertise in AV system industry, who capable to tackle different problem and avoid potential issue in the project. It also helps to save you time and money on doing a lot of research and sourcing task. Contact us now to get the professional advice on LED screen installation.

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