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How to find a reliable maintenance service provider?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

All equipment more or less need good equipment management and maintenance. Equipment that have inadequate maintenance is far more likely to be susceptible to breakdowns and failures. The unexpected downtime can contribute to project delays, cost overruns, damage of company reputation or even loss of business. Apart from the economic loss, regular maintenance could also lower the risk of potential life-threatening incidents, such as electrocution, fire, and physical screen collapse, etc.

Generally, good facility managers would have plans for both emergency maintenance and preventive maintenance to make sure the equipment operating safely and efficiently.

Resourceful maintenance service provider to handle emergent situation

Could you imagine how frustrating are you, when your AV system stops working in the middle of the event or just before the event? In this case, you would need the emergency maintenance. It is important to have a maintenance service provider who capable to fix the problem in urgent time. Since it is not only cost you the repair cost, but it could also cost you business.

Dedicated customer service and quick response to fix problem instantly

A quick response and a dedicated person to follow the ad-hoc call out arrangements is always preferable for selecting your maintenance service provider. A dedicated customer service manager who understand the site and equipment well could react instantly once they got the call. Not like the customer service operators in the hotline center or help desk, who may need more time to understand the situation.

Preventative maintenance is crucial in good equipment management

Some people may think preventative maintenance is optional, so that they choose to wait until there's a problem to fix it, since extensive repairs are expensive and time-consuming, without maintenance security, insurance, or a warranty.

Frankly, no one could eliminate all the unexpected downtime for the equipment, however it is vital to avoid emergency maintenance, to minimize the loss.

Regular maintenance actually can make your AV equipment last and optimize system performance

Regular updates for software and hardware are an important to keep your AV system working the way it was made to work.Preventive maintenance will help you protect your assets and make sure your systems keep functioning in the best conditions as possible, prolonging the life expectancy of the equipment.

What tasks would be included in a preventative maintenance?

Normally, technicians would implement a range of checking and upgrades during the preventive maintenance, including:

  • Equipment Audit

  • Comprehensive System Health Check

  • Check System Logs

  • Cables connection checkup

  • Check audio-levels and settings are optimized

  • upgrade of software and bug-fixing

  • more tasks base on different systems and site

Dynamax Technologies experience technical team provides professional maintenance solutions to LED display and AV systems

Dynamax’s technical team equipped with 20-year experience in the AV industry, could help you to minimize potential loss , enhance productivity and efficiency with equipment management. Why still risk your business for the unexpected operational failure of equipment that could wound your critical moments? Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your bespoke maintenance proposal now!

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